These days it isn’t uncommon for our prospective buyers to be as concerned about home technology as they are about floor plans, location, and mortgage payments. Many even have “media room” on their list of prospective home must-haves…or at the very least, a space to create one!

As home-theater prices lower and technology advances, the idea of a “media room” has slowly evolved from a luxury to a near necessity for many.  Think about it…it is a place your family can congregate, laugh, and be entertained.  Next to the kitchen and family rooms, a home theater room practically demands to be occupied.  And when it comes to entertaining?  Nothing says “fun” like a shiny new flat screen and impressive components. 

According to a recent survey performed by the Consumer Electronics Association of real estate agents, home-theater systems and other home management systems are selling at a faster rate than they ever have before.

Be it big or small, we think it is rooms like these that are motivating our buyers to add that much-loved home-theater space to their “prospective home must-have” list.