We get it – we’re obsessed with shoes, too. They come in all different colors, styles, heights (for some of us!) and, best of all, they always fit. But if you’re facing a closet or entryway jam packed with all of your pairs, then it’s time to admit that something needs to be done. Enough with missing a mate and digging in dark corners for your fave flip flops, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best and most functional ways to organize your shoes.

 Shoe Cabinet: We love that this cabinet frees us from having to dig around in our closet. Snag a similar four compartment cabinet from Ikea’s Hemnes collection for $100. (via Live Simply)


12-Pair Shoe Organizer ($40): Of course the Container Store would display the most beautifully organized closet on the planet. But with these shoe cubbies, yours can look just like it.


DIY Shoe Pegs. Get simple, step-by-step instructions {here}.


Garage/entryway shelves.


Skip the DIY with this simple Rubbermaid Storage Container option.


Wall storage bin.


Go big or go home with a mudroom like this one!


Wooden Shoe Cubbie.


PVC shoe storage.


Hanging Wooden Crates.