We caught up with agent Bob Cazavilan and asked him to share a little about himself and his background.  Here's what he had to say!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself…

A:  "Ultimately I’m a teacher...  I taught high school mathematics in Massachusetts after graduating with a BA degree in Philosophy in 1969.   I also taught real estate courses in MA.  Since then, for the past 30 years, I’ve been teaching clients how to work through the details of buying & selling homes.  There’s quite a bit more data that I become aware of, & information I discover,  when I’m looking at a home than what most people see.  I’ll point things out to a client that might not be so obvious.  My role is to keep my clients informed giving them all the pertinent information to consistently make the right decisions.   This is true whether representing a buyer or seller.

Another part of my job is anticipating difficulties & working them out ahead of time.  With the complexities of any transaction, knowing what’s coming, & having worked out similar details beforehand is crucial to a successful transaction.  Buying & selling a home can be a stressful time for even the most prepared people.   Knowing that someone experienced & knowledgeable is legally working in your own best interests, who can work out & explain the details, gives a great sense of peace & accomplishment to the people I represent. 

Integrity, clear communication & flexibility are traits I’ve pursued & developed over the past 30 years…

I also drove cab in Boston for a while…. & milked cows in New Hampshire, lived on a boat in the Virgin Islands & started Bless This House Real Estate in 1994.

Starting in the early 1980’s, when interest rates were over 17%, I showed & sold my first home by crawling in a cellar window to open the door for the waiting buyers.  Two years after first getting my Agents license I secured my Brokers license & opened Cazavilan Real Estate, Inc. renting a space over the Christian bookstore in Springfield, MA.  I ran Caz R.E. for 12 years until I came to Iowa in 1992."

Talk about a well-rounded guy! Does Bob sound like just the person you want representing you on your next transaction?  If so, give Bob a call at 515.669.5123!