Longer days and warmer evenings tend to put us all in the mood for a good barbeque.  And, while we certainly don’t consider ourselves grill masters, we do know a thing or two about getting that GAS GRILL prepped for perfectly cooked cuisine this spring!  Here are our best suggestions for breaking in that BBQ.



●  Get ‘er clean!  A dirty grill will smoke incessantly, leaving a not-so-pleasant taste on your food, so take control and give it a good cleaning.  Start with a wire brush and soapy rag to wipe down any areas -- both inside and out -- where gunk has began to accumulate.  Don’t forget the burner covers, grates, grilling chamber and lid! Once your scrubbing is sufficient, grab a towel and get it dry. 

●  New grills should, not only be cleaned, but cured!  The easiest way to season a new grill is to coat all of the interior surfaces and the cooking grate with a thin layer of vegetable oil or grilling spray.  Next, fire it up on medium heat (300 degrees ) and let ‘er sit for 1 to 2 hours.  This process will ensure that all of the solvents and impurities from the manufacturing process will burn off the grill and its heating elements.

●  Stock up on fuel!  No one wants to run out of gas mid-barbeque!  Talk about putting a damper on dinner and fun with friends/family!  We recommend filling your tank at the start of grill season, then checking it regularly.  But the only way to ensure that you’ll never have to run out on hungry guests or let the food get cold is to keep an extra pre-filled tank handy.  Easy enough, eh?

●  Clean the grease traps.  Simply put -- fat collects in these and can easily ignite to set not only your grill on fire (oh, the irony!), but your home, too!  Be smart.  Be safe.

●  Grill maintenance.  This one is a no-brainer.  You have something nice, take care of it!  And by “take care if it” we mean -- scrape off burnt-on food bits after each use, preven rust with rust-proof paint, and cover your grill between uses to keep it from harsh weather that can wreak havoc on your beloved BBQ!


And there you have it!  Good luck, grill masters!  Keep on cooking on!