We're back this week with another edition of an Ankeny teacher get-to-know-you session.  At Ankeny Real Estate Service, we feel strongly that without awesome TEACHERS, our school district can NOT produce amazing, intelligent, and well-rounded students! Nothing makes us more proud than a true professional dedicated to our students AND this community!

And with that...let us introduce you to Mr. Ruff!

Name: Aaron Ruff    


Position: Physical Education at Prairie Ridge Middle School


Number of years in education:8


Years taught in Ankeny:5


Hobbies: Coaching, Reading, Cheering for the Cyclones, Bears and Cubs


What is the best thing about teaching in Ankeny?

Teaching in Ankeny is a privilege. The students, families, teachers and administrators are a joy to work with. Above all else the best thing about working in the Ankeny Community School District is the mindset that whatever is best for the students is what will be done.


What gets you excited about the direction that Ankeny schools are heading?

As we keep growing as a community our schools keep up and are always doing good work, work that is best for the students of the community. 


What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Balancing the time in all the extra-curricular activities that I am involved in with Ankeny Community School District. 


How would your students describe you?

Fun, Fair and Nice


What motivates you?

Seeing students and athletes achieve beyond what they thought they could do.


What is typically the best part of your day?

 Working with kids and seeing kids achieve their personal goals.