Ask an Expert with Jill Heimerman, Director at Bright Beginnings Preschool



Question: What can parents do to make moving easier on their children?


Answer: Moving is hard on children, but in many cases, the parents worry more than they do!  I would recommend speaking with the teacher, meeting the teacher before the first big day, and I always recommend having our preschool children visit the classroom with the parent for a short while during a free play time before.  When they leave on a positive note, the children are very excited to come back to play with their new friends.  The more genuinely positive the parents are, the more positive the experience will be.  When I taught Elementary, there were times that children would come into the room on the first day without visiting beforehand.  Parents need to be in contact with the teachers.  Letting the teachers know what the children are interested in prior to the first day is a great way to help the teacher pair up a few friends to play with the new child, invite the child to sit by him or her at lunch, and to make sure there are a few children who are “in charge” of making sure the new child in the class is not left alone. Another thing parents have done in our community is to sign children up for activities.  Ankeny Parks and Rec has a fabulous catalog online that families can look at prior to moving into town to help get, not only the child, but families involved in the community.    Our library has many activities for young families as well.  Parents need to plan to be available a little more than usual for their young ones who are getting used to the newness of it all.  Most of the time moving is a busy time, parents may be starting new jobs, and so making time for your family will help you all stay busy.  Teachers want the experience to be positive for the family.  Please use them as a guide to help your family find fun things to do on the weekends!   Your realtor is also a great resource! 



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